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Jaymie is an award winning freelance graphic designer, and owner of IMRSIF - a boutique agency specializing environmental branding strategy and wall mural design. Jaymie began her career as a designer working for David Thorne, developing strategic branding programs and guidelines for government organizations like the Ministry of Health and eHealth Ontario. Jaymie then went on to work as an interface designer and design researcher at sLab, specializing in user experience.

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Happy 450th Birthday, Bard!

April 23, 1564



White Coral has made this carved skull just a little bit creepy!

I don’t think you understand. That is not white coral. That is dead coral. Actually, it is the remaining bone structure of a colony of dead corals. To sum up, it is a human skull carved out of the skeletal remains of hundreds of deceased little beings. “A little bit creepy” doesn’t cover it.

(Source:, via say-anything-is-a-real-girl)

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